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Research Facilities

The following high precision equipments and related facilities necessary for analytical work are available in the project.

S.No.Name of the equipmentNo.
1EL-Mettler Anal. Balance (AE-163ML)1
2Gas Chromatograph 2010(Shimadzu )2
3GC-MS QP 2010 EI (Shimadzu)1
4HPLC LC-20AT (Shimadzu)1
5Homogenizer (Low Volume)1
6Rotary Vac bath digital vertical PT-721
7Elga Water Purification System model Purelab Pulse 1 and Purelab Flex 21
8Deep fridge (Blue star) 275Lt.1
9Voltas Refrigerator 310Ltr.1
10Rotary Evaporator (Heidolph)1
11Turbovap LV Concentration1
12Top Loading balance (Kern-440-35N)1
13Separating Funnel Shaker DDP1
14Deep Freezer (Remi) 265L1
15Muffle furnace 3KW (Popular traders)1
16Vacuum Processor 12G1
17Refrigerator 375 Lt. (Samsung)1